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Stanley Mason began his martial arts training at the age of 15, and has spent his lifetime as a student of the arts.  Initially studying TaeKwonDo under Mr. Tyree Roberts (deceased), Mr. Mason went on to study TKD while stationed in South Korea.

During his military tenure, Mr. Mason has studied several styles and systems, including Kenpo and Lima Lima (under Tyree Roberts and now under Lee Lawrence).  He has also studied Jiu Wan Wing Chun under Sifu Randy Sanders, and had the privilege of training under Sifu Sanders’ instructor (Sifu Peck) as well as Sifu Peck’s instructor, Sifu Francis Fong.

Mr. Mason has studied Pekiti Tirsia under Tuhon Bill McGrath, and is currently studying SAYOC Kali under Instructor Eric Jensen.

Mr. Mason is currently involved in the security industry, and teaches TKD and Kenpo at his dojo in Broken Arrow, OK.  He is also a tactical defense instructor to law enforcement and security personnel.


Stanley Mason

OK State Director